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The wind system


System is made of four large bellows, each being double wedge-shaped. They are located at ground level of the main case, placed on top of each other two by two, and linked together by two wind conductors. At the back on each ends laid two bellows pumped by feet, which have unfortunately being dismantled.

At base level against the case’s back are two floating-lid bellows which supply the Positif. Built by Haerpfer-Erman, they replace the former two built by Cavaillé-Coll at the same place.


Wind pressures

Wind pressures are currently the following (in mm/inches):

Bass Treble
Positif 90/3,54 90/3,54
Grand-orgue and Bombarde 90/3,54 125/4,92
Récit 80/3,15 110/4,33
Pédale 90/3,54


icone photo galerie Wind system