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The treasure


The cathedral is home to a treasure held in the sacristy and not public. Largely sacked during the French Revolution, it has gradually been taken back since 1802, thanks to Father Joseph Charlot (1745-1824), priest of the newly established parish.

EvangliaireIt consists of many rich silverware from the 17th and 18th centuries: precious stoles, chalices, patens, buckets and sprinkling of precious metals. The most remarkable pieces are those dating from the 9th and 10th centuries that belonged to Saint Gauzelin, Bishop of Toul between 922 and 962:

- A Carolingian chalice in hammered gold studded with hardly polished gemstones and its paten. This work most likely is the one of a Lorraine workshop, maybe Metz or a one from Trier (Germany)

- The personal Bible (évangéliaire) of St. Gauzelin composed of 227 manuscript pages including the four Gospels, protected by a gold binding and silver watermark, enriched with pearls, garnets and enamel, with its silver clasp showing with a cross of Lorraine

- Finally, the liturgical comb of Saint Gauzelin, in carved ivory depicting vine and birds, probably from the early Christian age and from a Mediterranean origin.

The treasure is also rich of a Carolingian ivory plate 9th century, depicting armed men wearing a lamellar and knights of the Holy Sepulcher, and an enamelled cross of the 13th century manufactured in the Limoges region (France). 


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