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Outside architecture  


The plans of the present cathedral weres designed in 1700 by Giovanni Betto (1640-1722), Appointed Architect to the Duchy of Lorraine Court, working under Dukes Charles V and Leopold I. For this construction, which will remain as his most important work, Betto was inspired by the Sant-Andrea-della-Valle Church in Roma. In 1706 famous Architect to the court of Louis XIV, King of France, Jules Hardouin-Mansart criticized the plans and will make them change. Betto eventually died during construction in 1722, Germain Boffrand succeeded him and finished work without extravagance due to the scarcity of finances.

The facade has a classic-style balance with, at the top of the central body, a frontispiece. The large breadth between the two tours can be explained by the Dome planned by Hardouin-Mansart, but never executed. The two lateral bodies are topped by two squared towers base, with, sit on top, octagonal pavilions and covered by domes and lantern-shape turrets, that Victor Hugo later called "Pompadour pepperpots”.


icone photo galerie Outside architecture


Cathedral facade