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The choir organ


OC1The choir organ was built by Merklin-Kuhn in 1912 in replacement of an instrument by Cuvillier; only the case dated 1844 remains. Because of its tubular action, which makes the maintenance very difficult, and a quite limited artistic interest, an audacious reconstruction project has been launched.

This project aims at placing the very last organ built by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll (opus 699), that the Association pour le Renouveau des Orgues de la Cathédrale de Nancy purchased, in the current choir organ case. This instrument originally took place at the Salle Poirel (city concert hall) before moving to the theater (current Opera house) and then being dismantled and taken away.

The estimated cost of the reconstruction (circa 500.000 € / $600.000) will be supported by the Association. If you wish to make a direct donation, your participation will be 100% directed to the Association and towards this project.


 All the informations and financial support on the specific website :

(available in English)